Help is on the way! Tips and Tricks from fellow Renegades!

Hey Renegades!

I hope this semester is treating you well thus far!

But in the case that it’s not and you feel like you could use some extra help I’ve arranged a short video of fellow Renegades giving a few tips they’ve learned throughout their time at Bakersfield College.

Great advice from great people!

The advice that I would give are to:

  1. See your counselor at least twice a semester.

Making sure you’re educational plan goes to plan is very important. I do this personally and it has done nothing but benefit me because you can also ask questions that may arise during your time at Bakersfield College. The counselors are there to help you get through school and can also point you in the direction of other services that could potentially help you.

  1. Always set up appointments!

Let’s face it no one wants to wait longer than an hour to meet with a counselor or anyone for that matter. Set up appointments and show up at least 10 minutes early. Time is precious! Especially yours ;)

  1. Take advantage of the student services provided to you for you!

If you read my first blog you’ll know that I am a part of the DSPS program. They have made my life so much easier when it comes to school. If you feel like you may have a disability stop by and grab an application.

Bakersfield College also offers FREE TUTORING. FREE! Who doesn’t like free stuff! Set up an appointment and get the help you need for free!

You can find these services and more on the student services tab on the Bakersfield College website. Check them out! You never know what you’ll find!

Click the image to go to

Those are a few tips and trick from me but what about you?

Have any advice for your fellow Renegades? Share them in the comments!

And don’t forget


Happy Fall / Transfer Admission Guarantee Deadline

Hello Renegades!

Hope you’ve all had a great first-month back at school!

October is right around the corner, and with that comes Fall! My favorite part of Fall is that it stops feeling like an oven outside. But, a lot of other fun stuff comes along with it:

  • Pumpkin things (Jack-o-Lanterns, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Spice Lattes ;) )
  • Coats, Boots, Scarves
  • etc.

Share your favorite thing about Fall in the comments!

Something I wanted to talk to you all about that also concerns the end of September is the deadline to submit a “Transfer Admission Guarantee” (or, TAG) Application is September 30!

What is TAG?

According to the University of California—

Six University of California (UC) campuses offer guaranteed admission to students from all California community colleges (CCC). By participating in a TAG program, students can ensure their admission to a specific UC campus.


Which UC universities offer TAG?

The six UC universities that have TAG agreements with CCCs are:

  1. Davis
  2. Irvine
  3. Merced
  4. Riverside
  5. Santa Barbara
  6. Santa Cruz

What are the requirements to TAG?

  • 30 semester/45 quarter units by submission deadline, 60 semester/90 quarter by admission
  • Full-time enrollment at a CCC from Spring 2015 through Spring 2016
  • Minimum GPA ranging from 3.0 to 3.5, depending on Major (see here)
  • Complete English Composition & Math courses by Fall 2015

Apply for TAG here:

UC Transfer Admission Planner

Whoa, this is a lot of information! Where can I get some help?

There will be a workshop called UC TAG— You’re In! on Tuesday, September 29 in SS 151 (the lab classroom located on the second floor of the Student Services building, across from the Financial Aid counter).  The Director of Transfer Services & Counseling, Marisa Marquez, will go over all the requirements for your TAG application and review them, and answer any questions you might have.

I strongly encourage students who are planning to apply to University of California for Fall 2016 admission to submit a TAG application. Even if the university you want to attend isn’t one of the six, it’s a valuable thing to do! The great thing about TAG is that it guarantees your admission to that campus as long as you fulfill all of the minimum requirements. It can be a great peace of mind, even if it is not your first-choice campus.

Students and Faculty Rally Behind President

Bakersfield College President, Dr Sonya Christian, has not had her contract renewed (it is set to expire in February, 2016) by the Kern Community College District.

Current and former Bakersfield College students and faculty have come together to show their support for Dr. Christian and make it clear to the District— “we want a renewed contract, and we want it to be fair”.

Informational Pre-Board Meeting Rally

SGA Vice President Janell Orozco

Highlights from Special Board Meeting

We Are BC!

Belen’s Blog: A Greeting and a Story

BMartBCGreetings and Salutations!

I am Belen Martinez, and I am a sophomore at Bakersfield College. I was born here in good ol’ Kern County where I lived in Delano for a few years and then settled my roots in the growing city that is Bakersfield. Growing up in southwest Bakersfield you would think that I would have graduated high school as a Mustang but I’m actually a Bakersfield High School graduate. Being a Driller opened so many different opportunities for me like a trip to New York City for Virtual Business Nationals competition!

So why Bakersfield College? Well, to be completely honest I didn’t want to go to school.

After I graduated high school I slipped into a very deep depression and an unhealthy relationship. But it was my mother who kept my slowly crumbling wagon rolling. She made me enroll at the Bakersfield Regional Occupational Center for their Graphic Design courses because she knew that I enjoyed doing that sort of thing. Well, after finishing all of the class work in the first month of the class my instructor, Daniel Binsfeld, noticed and saw the potential that I had and decided he was going to use it. I was given two internships, one at a more casual print shop location and the other in a more professional office setting. I learned so much I eventually started teaching one of my supervisors. But Binsfeld wasn’t done with me yet. He signed me and a few other students he though performed well in the class to compete in SkillsUSA, a partnership program of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Basically, we too our technical training skills and competed against other students. But in short, I qualified in Regionals and then later took the Gold at State in both Job Interview and Desktop Publishing competitions. It was hands down one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.

So at this point I decided I really liked doing graphic design and I wanted to pursue it as a career. So I enrolled and became a TAFT COUGAR! Not quite to BC yet but I’ll get there eventually! I went to Taft College for two years. It was great. Everything you heard was pretty much true. Small classes, cheap books (for the most part), and free parking! I got a lot done at Taft. The professors were pretty awesome as well. Since the classes were so small, you actually got to get a close relationship with the professors and to me that was very helpful later on. But for me it was just too quiet. Way too quiet. And then the rubber met the road.

My toxic relationship was beyond the unhealthy point. It hit dangerous. I was being abused and it really affected how I saw myself. I felt like I wasn’t worth it, and that even if I did graduate I wasn’t going to make it out alive anyway. My mind had completely been hijacked and I completely believed that every injustice that was forced upon me was my fault. Because I didn’t act or behave the way he thought I should have he reacted the way he did. But fortunately after our most violent blow up he left me for someone else. At the time I was crushed. I thought I loved him and that I needed him to survive. That no one could or ever want me. My anxiety and depression had taken control of my life and I could barely sum up the courage to even leave my bed.

I was on medication and my family was there for me. My friends that I had lost contact with started pouring back in. They wanted me. They missed me. I remember being confused when they would say that. They missed me? But I’m back now? I was standing in front of them and they still “missed me”. I then realized that I lost my identity. I wasn’t myself anymore and at that moment came the realization that I will have to rediscover myself and take my life back. But to do so I took a few semesters off from school and was put on medical leave at my job for as long as I needed.

After months of therapy, my iron horse of a family, and my amazing friends that I am so blessed to have giving me the loving and courage that I needed I was ready to go back to school. Fall of 2014 was my first official semester at Bakersfield College. And I loved it! Yeah I almost had anxiety attacks because of the drastic population difference in comparison to Taft but it was a fun semester! I made friends of all kinds of variety! Young, old, tall, short, well you get the point. The diversity was just astonishing and to me it’s one of the best qualities about BC. I had great professors who all cooperated with my DSPS accommodations and just made my first semester at BC an enjoyable and bearable one. BC really is a wonder place to get an education.

This is third semester at BC and I’m proud to say that I will be graduating as a Renegade with an Associate’s Degree in Communications this upcoming spring. I really started to see how much I enjoy studying communications and my peers would tell me it showed. It was always a shock to them when I would give my speech on Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder and then reveal that I was currently in recovery. Comments like “I would have never even known” reassured me that my healing was heading in the right direction. There was support coming from both students and faculty. It’s helped me keep going and pursing my degree and chasing my dreams.

In closing, I would like to thank my amazing communications professors here at BC for encouraging me to keep pursing this degree and really helping me realize how much I love communications. I’d also like to thank my peer and longtime friend Salvador Cruz for recommending me for this amazing opportunity.

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Bakersfield College Student Blog Now Accepting Submissions! + GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Good morning Renegades!

I hope you all had a great first week back to school! I know I did— I’m taking online classes right now, and it was nice to not have to deal with the usual headaches of parking and getting to class on time! :)

I also got to talk to a few students for a new video we’ll have up soon— keep your eyes peeled for it!

The main reason for this post, though, is that I wanted to talk about a new addition to the blog this semester—

Student Submissions!

I’d like to feature regular submissions from students on the blog— be it personal essays, opinions, stories, art or even videos!

This is the STUDENT blog, after all, and It would really be great to be able to share all sorts of different content from the student body!

Please send your submissions with the subject line “BLOG SUBMISSIONS” along with your name, major, and grade to:

I look forward to reading/looking at/watching them!

One more thing—

I imagine that a lot of you may have seen this post as a result of the giveaway we’re running to drum up subscribers and viewers for the blog. But, in case you didn’t know—

We’re giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to one lucky subscriber! So, go ahead and submit your email in the left-hand sidebar there and click “follow” and you’ll be entered for a chance to win it!


See you soon, Renegades!


WWDC- The Aftershocks of Change

Apple kicked off their yearly World Wide Developer’s Conference earlier this month with their opening keynote, which they’ve traditionally used as a platform for showcasing upcoming software releases, as well as minor product refreshes and announcements.

This year, the focus was all things software— Apple announced OS X El Capitan (named after a landmark California rock formation in Yosemite), iOS 9, and WatchOS 2. They also launched their new music service: Apple Music.

It’s a long-running “joke” in the online tech community that Apple is constantly playing “catch up” to their competitors in terms of their product features. From a business perspective, I am usually inclined to disagree with this oversimplified and trivialization of the single-most valuable company in the world’s proven product strategy. It’s completely sound to allow your competitors to ‘go first’ and test out the waters— it allows you to learn from their mistakes and make something better. It’s also a good business strategy to stagger new features so that a) your product is not too expensive and unstable as a result of feature bloat, and b) (this is the more nefarious tinfoil-hat-sounding one) there’s always a new element to entice people to buy your product instead of just sticking with the old one.


However, the tech enthusiast and Apple user in me can’t help but be somewhat disappointed. “Sound business strategy” and “excitement” rarely exist in the same instance. The only people who could be truly excited by these “new” software updates are Apple purists. We all know a few— people who, for some reason or another, strictly adhere to the Apple ecosystems. The new split-screen mode for the iPad is invaluable for power users (where having true multitasking is important). So, of course someone whose tablet experience has culminated an iPad will be excited by this news. The problem is, split screen mode alone will not be very useful for power-usage without a dedicated stylus and palm rejection (which allows for you to rest your palm on the screen without causing the tablet to confuse it for an input).

This may not be immediately apparent to Apple-only users. But for anyone who’s ever used a Surface Pro 3 for at least a couple of minutes, the omissions are glaring. (It took exactly that amount of time for me to realize I had to buy one— I’ll post a full in-depth review once my girlfriend returns from Indonesia with it.) Nevertheless, I suppose “it’s better than nothing” applies in this situation. Hopefully, the inclusion of this feature in iOS 9 is a way to get people used to the idea, with a more robust solution coming in the future. Possibly the rumored iPad Pro that’s been circulating for a while.

Maps & other Apps

Other “new” additions Apple introduced at WWDC as coming to iOS 9:

  • Maps now has transit directions. (Truly long overdue— Google Maps has had real-time transit directions since 2011. Also, still, not quite good enough— where are the bicycle directions?)
  • Newsstand has been “replaced” by News, which looks to be a news aggregator in the vein of Flipboard. Considering Newsstand was never a news aggregator, but a pointless pseudo ‘folder’ that stored all your magazine/newspaper apps, this seems like a bit of marketing misdirection. I guess it’s a lot more of an elegant keynote announcement to make rather than say “Newsstand was an unnecessary app that ended up not working out and we’re scrapping it. Also, we’re introducing our own version of Flipboard”
  • Apple Music— the culmination of the “other” part of the multi-billion Beats acquisition Apple finalized in August of last year. Apple finally comes into the music-streaming-service game, after floundering and falling behind in the wake of services like Spotify gaining mass popularity. With a 3-month free trial, and a strong value-oriented “family plan”, it will be interesting to see how much of Spotify’s market share Apple manages to gobble up.

Apple Watch “finally” gets it’s wings

The other big announcement made was concerning Apple’s new Watch. While coming out of the gate with a solid build quality, battery life, and OS design, the Apple Watch has received criticism for its apps not doing very much outside of being simple alert/remote extensions of their iPhone apps. This is set to change with Apple’s announcement that stand-alone Watch apps will be coming to the second iteration of the WatchOS this Fall.

Captain Cook

According to reports, the Apple Watch is the first post-Jobs product from Apple. While clearly a derivative of the iPhone, it is the first full-on product launch overseen by Job’s replacement as Apple CEO, Tim Cook. While the Apple Watch enjoyed a healthy launch, with orders sold out for weeks, there have been problems maintaining the rate of growth, with digital commerce analysis firm Slice Intelligence reporting a 90% decline in sales since release. While it would not be prudent to rush to declare the Apple Watch as “dead”, its success (or lack thereof) will be an important barometer for Tim Cook’s efficacy as Apple’s leader. While Apple remains the number-one public corporation in the world based on Market Capitalization by a wide margin, It can not afford to make the recent dives a habit. Whether or not it is fair, the coming year will be a big indicator in the future of Apple under Cook, and his future as CEO.

GoPRO Graduation

Hey Renegades!

I hope you’re all having a great summer! I know I am (even with this scorching heat).

Today, I’d like to share with you a few videos from Graduation. All throughout the Commencement Ceremony, I wore a GoPRO camera. Even though I’m sure I looked more than a little ridiculous, I’m glad I did— I got some great video content.

So, for anyone that didn’t attend graduation (either as a student or guest) and is curious as to what it was like, rather than read a long summary- WATCH THESE VIDEOS!



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