Jackie’s Blog: How to Deal With Stress From School, and Possibly Work

During my 2 years of attending college so far, I’ve come across a lot of people. There is one phrase I hear everyday from my classmates, myself included occasionally– “I’m so stressed!”

Everyone has their reasons. Whether it is because you’re a full time student, or you have to attend both school and work during a semester, or maybe there is other situations in your life that take advantage of what you are trying to pursue academically, most of the time, the outcome of them all will result with stress.

Being a victim of it myself, I can surly say that having stress involved in my daily routines is not good at all. Positive outcomes do not occur when one’s self is in such condition. However, no matter how much is laid before me to accomplish, at the end of the day, I make sure I have it all done and completed. But when it is all set and done, I end up stressed to the max and frustrated, which results in various ways for adolescents and adults. Stress can cause lack of sleep, affect your personality, make it harder for you to follow your daily tasks, and the list goes on. With the effects that I have mentioned so far, as students, these are horrible conditions to be in during the day! They can definitely affect our academic life and even how we act socially.

So far, I have a year in which I have been working on stress management. I have made a list of 5 things to do in order to help me avoid getting stressed, and at the end of the day end up calm and relaxed.

Here are the 5 things to do to avoid and/or cope with stress (in my opinion).

1) SLEEP WELL. When your brain is relaxed and fully charged, you will be able to concentrate more on your duties and finish your work much faster than usual. This definitely avoids getting stressed because you will not be behind on what you have to do most of the time.

2) FIND A HOBBY THAT HELPS YOU RELAX COMPLETELY. A lot of people have different hobbies that they enjoy. Mine happens to be listening to music. When I feel that I am about to get stressed, I put my earphones on for a tune or two and forget about what is causing me to stress out. After that, I get back to work much more relaxed and am able to continue what I was doing in a much calmer way.

3) BREATHE! When stress was a issue for me, I was told by my doctors that stress causes you breathe less and in the long run, can even cause lung problems in your body. I was recommended that every time I felt I was about to get stressed out, I should sit back, start breathing in and out slowly, and relax my body for a few minutes. I actually combine this with my hobby while I’m listening to music, and let me say, it works!

4) STAY POSITIVE! Stress usually occurs when you are viewing everything negatively. Whether it’s your job, schoolwork, or anything you have to get done, by the end of the day, if you are not viewing the situation in an optimistic manner, you will end up stressed out. On some occasions, some people don’t even get to finish what they need to do due to being negative throughout the time they had to finish it. So stay positive all the time!

5) AT THE END OF THE DAY, TREAT YOURSELF! If for some reason you weren’t able to cope with your stress while you had it, go indulge yourself. Watch a movie, read a book, go hang out at your favorite place…you deserve it! You were able to get through your day after all, right?


One thought on “Jackie’s Blog: How to Deal With Stress From School, and Possibly Work”

  1. I know all those things and they are awesome. I do get the I’m stressed because right now I’m stressed. But I”m a quote person and two that come to mind and help is “I don’t need this to be easy, all I need it to be is just possible.” “When the (WHY) gets stronger the (HOW) gets easier. Which means that when what you want gets stronger then any excuse the how will get easier. It’s a mixture of the skills I have learned in the mental health system and by my faith. Walking by my faith and to by my sight. But it is also being who you are and not chaining for anybody.


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