Jackie’s Blog: Should I Get A’s or Just Pass This Class?

Should I get an A or just pass this class? This is a question that every student asks at the beginning of the semester after their first class is over. However, is this the correct question to ask yourself? Is it really the best way to begin a class?

Here’s my take on it. There are some classes that are extremely important to us, and there are other classes that are of less importance to us, such as general education courses, although we need them in order to graduate.

For instance, as a Communication Studies major, my communication classes were extremely important to me, and I aimed for A’s in all my comm. classes, which I pursued. On my general education classes however, my goal was to pass them with a C+ or higher, although I always aimed for an A.

In a way, I believe it just depends on what your work ethic is. There are students that aim high all the time, no matter what the subject is, while in the meantime there are others that are comfortable in covering the basic requirements.

So which is the right route to take overall? Obviously the strong work ethic route. But, let’s not forget, not everyone has the same mentality.

To get to the point, you can do as you wish in school. However, you have the power to increase your work ethic which would help you succeed more than going through the “sloppy” route, which of course, is the poor work ethic route.

Ask yourself the question presented to you today; what grade should you really aim for? Leave your answer in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Jackie’s Blog: Should I Get A’s or Just Pass This Class?”

  1. I agree with you on that. Getting the best grade that you can is important. I go with this thought on it, if a C is the best that I can do in a class then let’s go out to dinner and celebrate. But if you can get an A or B and are just doing C work then I have a problem with that.


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