Jackie’s Blog: Nature and Meditation…How Can That Help Your College Life?

Now that more than half of Fall’s 2014 semester is done, I have heard from many colleagues that they can’t wait until this semester is over. I admit, I say this too sometimes. Having both full time school and work, to not mention all my other extracurricular activities, can turn each week into a heavy burden.

Personally, I’ve never been the type of student who looks for relaxation through partying or other occasions that involve liquor or smoking. I’m not indicating that this is wrong in any way, but I know a lot of students that are the same way I am. So, how do I relax? I actually use nature as a setting where I can relax myself with no distractions.

All my life, I’ve been a city girl. I can’t deny that. But when the city life has overwhelmed me, on Sundays, I head out of our city towards Keene, CA, a small town near Tehachapi. In that area, it’s plain wilderness, although there are some ranches and homes around there.

After I spend time there from morning to night, I am completely relaxed and ready for the new week to start.

Watch the video below to learn about my story, which in return, I hope will inspire several of you.

Audio: (For those who might not understand it in the video)

“After an overwhelming week, full of stress and hard work, I like to go and emerge myself in nature. Seeing the trees, feeling the wind, and listening to nature’s voice gives me so much relaxation. During this fall season, when I visit the mountains for hours, the climate and weather tends to change a lot. At the same time, the weather condition changes my mood as well. When the sun is shining, I feel so happy and it makes me think about all that I accomplished that week. When the weather turns gloomy, my mind starts thinking “well, you made it past this week. What should we accomplish this upcoming week?” Taking a day off of the city and into nature just puts me in better preparation for the next week. Being in nature stops the overwhelming nature in myself and helps me continue to walk in that long road that I go through every day in order to reach my goals and what I really want to be. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I’ll always have nature be an important part of my academic and working life. Every time I emerge myself in nature, it tends to work. I relax, I become happy, and I become the person I’m supposed to be. The person that really wants to continue forward every single day and reach those goals that I have in life and never give up. With all my heart I encourage you all to do the same. It’s worked for me and I believe it can work for you.”


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