Salvador’s Blog: Star Wars, Whoppers, and Euthanasia

On November 18th, Bakersfield College’s Communication Department held a showcase in the Fine Arts’ theater. Professors from the department presented their classes to the packed audience in hopes of interesting students in enrolling next semester.

I arrived a little late to the event (as I am wont to doing with most obligations, i’ll be the first to admit) and signed in on one of the clipboards in the lobby. My professor was giving extra credit, and as many professors know— we students sure do love our extra credit.

After making my noticeably-late entrance into the theater I noticed that, as luck would have it, the only open seats near the aisle were all the way down in the third row. I made my way down to the seats as “stealthily” as I could, but there’s little you can do to hide yourself from hundreds of people in a fully-lit theater. In fact, as soon as I sat down I received a text that said “way to be smooth. lol” from my friend Elizabeth. I crane my neck back and she gives me a smirk and a joking shake of her head. I smile back at her, reply “lol” and give my attention to the stage.

Luckily, I wasn’t that late— professor Andrea Thorson was on stage introducing the first class being presented that night”Oral Interpretation”. After a brief description of the class, she invited one of her students on stage. What followed was surprisingly awesome, and instead of doing it any injustice by trying to describe it in mere words, I’ll give you all a video (apologies for the shakiness in the first minute or so):

After seeing this amazing performance, I was no longer just attending a school event for extra credit— I was fully engaged with the presentation and excited for what else I would see that night. As if the awesome performances weren’t enough, in between presentations Professor Staller would play a “game” with the audience. Basically “Two Truths and a Lie”, Staller would read three statements by the next professor introducing a course and up to three students could come on stage and stand in one of three positions coinciding with the statement they thought was the Lie. Whoever was right won a box of Whoppers. It was a pretty ingenious and fun way to keep the audience engaged in between presentations.

All of the Communication courses were introduced and then presented by students taking the class, and I learned something from every one of them.

Oral Interpretation– Movies present multiple ideas to the audience through their scenes, and watching Star Wars be performed on stage is pretty awesome.

Public Speaking– There is a way to generate electricity using one-atom-thin sheet of graphite, and the theoretical applications are astounding

Interpersonal Communication– There are four main types of friends- “Must” Friends, “Trust” Friends, “Rust” Friends, and “Just” Friends. (Article explaining in detail:

Small Group Communication– There is no reason to be afraid to work in groups, you just need to know the right way to go about it!

Organizational Communication– Companies choose the colors they use in their advertising for very specific reasons and to communicate certain things to the customer subconsciously.

Persuasion– You can make a crowd think you agree with them without ever actually agreeing with them.

Intercultural Communication– Martial Art Aficionados have their own culture, and martial art movies’ camera work is impressive.

Rhetoric & Argumentation– Watching a one-on-one debate is riveting:

All in all, It was a pretty entertaining and informative night. Not only was it fun watching students present what they’ve learned in their classes, it was very useful to be able to meet different professors and get a “taste” of classes that are offered by the Communication Department. It’s a truly awesome department with amazing professors, and I am proud call myself their student.

Many thanks to the professors who put this on, the people helping with sign-in, and the students who presented.

Talk to you soon, Renegades

-Salvador R Cruz


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