Jackie’s Blog: Thinking of Switching Your Major? No Worries!

So, at a certain point in your life, you decided to go to college.  You had it all sorted out. You knew the career you wanted, and signed up to get a degree in the major that you thought was the best for that job.

Over time, as you started a brand new semester though, you enter a class that you haven’t heard much about.  Eventually, it has you hooked.  And that class isn’t even related to your career at all.  But you love it.  You feel like you can study that day after day.  Sooner or later, you discover that you have a talent in that area of study.

However, you are signed up to receive a major in another area.  A series of questions begin to develop.  Aren’t you decided already?  Are you not meant to major in your current major instead?  Your moment of truth has finally arrived.  What are you to do?

The answer is simple.  Do some research, and switch to that major!  That sounds a little easy, but complicated at the same time.  In reality, it is.

I went through this during my second semester of college when I transferred to BC.  Through my experience, I have developed a set of questions that have helped several students who are close to me find themselves and go through the right track, and I’d love to share them with you today.

First of all, do research on what consists of the major you want to switch to.  Check what the major has to offer.  What classes do you have to take?  What do the classes consist off?

Second, check what careers this major had to offer.  What is the average salary of those careers?  Above all, which one interests you the most and is the one that you would want to pursue?

After choosing a new career, ask yourself questions such as:  What degree level do I need in order to begin my career?  What do I need to add to my resume in order to get a job offer after I’ve earned my degree?  Any specific internships or jobs?  After figuring this out you will be more focused on what you need to achieve.

Finally, ask yourself if you are satisfied with your career plan.  After answering all these questions, if you are still sure you want to switch your major, don’t hesitate!  Do it!

You can switch your major on Inside BC anytime. The process can be tricky though.  If you have any questions on how to switch your major, visit the Counseling Office (SS Building) and ask for their help on this process.  They’ll be glad to help!


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