Jackie’s Blog: Ever Missed One or Several Classes During A Week? Here’s How to Get Back on Track.

This spring semester has been one of the toughest I’ve ever had.  Since school began, I’ve gone through four consecutive flu cases causing me to miss several days of school.  I was weak to the point where I was lying in bed up to four day weekends waiting for Monday to come when I would feel a bit better and drag myself to school.  Thankfully, I didn’t miss my biology course, but I ended up missing up to four psychology and journalism classes.  It was enough to give me a major scare.

In college, missing one class is enough to get you behind.  The thought of how to get back on track is an overwhelming one as well.  It’s hard to figure out where to start.  However, though a series of steps, it’s simple to get back to where you’re supposed to be.  This week, I was able to get back on track by following them.  Thanks to these steps, that scare I had at the beginning is definitely gone.  When you experience a situation that makes you miss a class or several of them, here’s what to do in order to get back on track.

First off, you need to set your mind in place and figure out where you are.  You need to program your mind.  Think about where you left off during the semester, and where you are supposed to be now. In order to check this off the next best thing to do is to check your syllabus.  The majority of professors add assignments and their due dates on the syllabus that they handed to you at the beginning of the semester.  Make a list of the assignments you missed and chapters you need to catch up on.

After you have checked what you need to complete, go speak to your professor about your missed assignments and your goal to catch up.  As easy as this sounds, this is the part that students consider the toughest.  When it’s time to do this, there is always second thoughts crossing your mind, such as, “Is my professor going to listen to me?  Will he/she give me a chance to catch up?  Will he/she even help me catch up?”

Although these second thoughts might make you uneager to ask your professor for help, never EVER be hesitant to do this.  Remember, that’s what your professors are here for.  They get paid for it.  As a student, you have full right to ask questions and make sure that you continue to succeed in college.  Remember, it’s up to you now.  They’re only there to help.  You have the authority to make yourself succeed in college.  It’s not high school anymore.

Finally, after gathering all your information, go and do your work!  As previously mentioned, it’s up to you to get your grade back where it belongs!


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