Jackie’s Blog: So, I Got Selected to Go to Jury Duty During the Semester…Again.

Two weeks ago, I got a letter from the Superior Court of the State of California.  As it yearly happens to me, I got selected to go to jury duty during school season.

Once I read the letter, I rolled my eyes. “Not again!” I said.  Every time I have jury duty, there’s a list of things I have to do.  I have to email my professors for an excuse and ask them how in the world am I going to get my lecture notes.  Then I have to face the unfortunate case of missing classwork, which some professors don’t allow you to turn in afterwards since you missed class, making this situation even more frustrating.

A day before jury duty while I was emailing my professors, I was extremely discouraged.  I had planned out my whole week already.  Not only did I already have it all sorted out, but it was an extremely important one full of deadlines.  Now, thanks to jury duty getting in between my schedule, my plans were, and still are, scattered over the place.

A few days before the date I kept on feeling upset about having to do jury duty, but the night before while I was preparing for the busy morning, I was thinking about why I was so upset and ultimately, how would I decide to feel in the morning.

I had two options, either I was going to be willing to do my job and be patient, or be upset and complaining about being there all day.

I sat down and asked myself, “Why am I going to jury duty?  Well first of all”, I thought, “I am a U.S. citizen.  It’s a citizen’s duty to be part of a jury for the sake of incorrupt justice.”  Then I wondered, if I were ever in court, would I want a judge only judging me or would I rather a group of people who could discuss the situation and hopefully come up with an unbiased judgment to judge me instead?  Without a doubt, I would want the jury, of course.

After mediating for a while, I finally concluded something I hadn’t before.  “I’m a U.S. citizen”, I said to myself.  “It’s my job to do this.  And not only is it a responsibility since I am a citizen, but I’m very proud to be one”.

Suddenly, that lead to another thought.  So many people of my race and ethnicity wish they were U.S. citizens, and would do anything to be one.  I had the blessing to be born here in the United States, so why not be glad of what my country has put upon me to do?

After that I wasn’t upset anymore.  I came to understand that doing jury duty is an honor, not a burden, no matter at what time I get called to fulfill my duties.  And a burden it shall never be to me again.  That’s a promise.


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