Jackie’s Blog: Countdown to Finals Week: Five Days till Finals

Imagine the day near the end of the semester when all of your assignments are finally done.  Every quiz and test is finished as well.  You’re finally free from all the work that was required for you to finish in your syllabus.

Yesterday was that day for me.  My final assignment was turned in, and my final lecture was done.

Starting today, it’s finally time to study for finals for me!  This is the moment I dread the most, because I’m never sure how well I am going to perform, as much as I prepared.  Taking tests and exams has always been my academic weakness.

However, there is a way I’ve been able to keep up in the end.

In my first semester in college, I wasn’t sure how to prepare for finals, nor did I know what was the best strategy to excel on them.  In high school, studying for finals was hardly necessary.  Whatever your teachers had taught you through the semester was to be included in the final.

In college however, the curriculum was way different.  I started to have three to five hours of class lectures per week and had to read textbooks as well in order to prepare.

My professors hardly pointed out what was to be included in tests or in the final either.  Therefore, I was not sure how I was supposed to prepare.  The final thing I had figured out to do was to stuff everything I had learned throughout the semester in my head and hope that I remembered it later.

Later on, I would find out, that wasn’t the way to go.

A week before our finals, I had met my English professor’s assistant, Daniella.  She was a college senior, about to graduate the same semester when I finished my first semester.

Since all of us in our English class were newbies in college, she decided to give to us a sheet filled with advice on how to survive throughout finals week.

Three years later, I still have her advice sheet and follow it till this day.

So Renegades, what she passed to me, I’d like to pass to you.  It’s a lifesaver for these two last weeks of school!

Daniella’s Tips to Successfully Survive Finals

  • SLEEP!  Avoid puling all-nighters; you need to sleep to perform well on your exams.
  • Eat a balanced diet!  Sugar and coffee will make you crash.
  • Make sure you triple check the location and time of your final.  You’d be surprised; people miss their exam because they look at the wrong time and location.
  • Make sure you turn in the right final paper for the right class.  I turned in a final Music paper for my History class; it was not a fun experience.
  • Do not procrastinate!  Spread out your studying and do it in increments.
  • Flashcards can be your best friend for memorizing terms.
  • If you need a scantron, BUY ONE!  The professor will not provide you with one if you forgot to buy it.
  • Don’t stress out too much; easier said than done, but if you let your stress get the best of you, you most likely will not perform to your maximum potential.
  • Make time for yourself!  You need downtime to relax and clear your head.
  • Never rush through your exams; you don’t get extra credit if you finish first, so take your time!
  • Remember, finals can be a large portion of your grade; try your best!  It’s your last chance to make your grade higher!
  • Treat yourself after finals!  You deserve it.

I wish everyone a happy and successful finals study week!  Good luck to you all!


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