Help is on the way! Tips and Tricks from fellow Renegades!

Hey Renegades!

I hope this semester is treating you well thus far!

But in the case that it’s not and you feel like you could use some extra help I’ve arranged a short video of fellow Renegades giving a few tips they’ve learned throughout their time at Bakersfield College.

Great advice from great people!

The advice that I would give are to:

  1. See your counselor at least twice a semester.

Making sure you’re educational plan goes to plan is very important. I do this personally and it has done nothing but benefit me because you can also ask questions that may arise during your time at Bakersfield College. The counselors are there to help you get through school and can also point you in the direction of other services that could potentially help you.

  1. Always set up appointments!

Let’s face it no one wants to wait longer than an hour to meet with a counselor or anyone for that matter. Set up appointments and show up at least 10 minutes early. Time is precious! Especially yours 😉

  1. Take advantage of the student services provided to you for you!

If you read my first blog you’ll know that I am a part of the DSPS program. They have made my life so much easier when it comes to school. If you feel like you may have a disability stop by and grab an application.

Bakersfield College also offers FREE TUTORING. FREE! Who doesn’t like free stuff! Set up an appointment and get the help you need for free!

You can find these services and more on the student services tab on the Bakersfield College website. Check them out! You never know what you’ll find!

Click the image to go to

Those are a few tips and trick from me but what about you?

Have any advice for your fellow Renegades? Share them in the comments!

And don’t forget



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