Bakersfield College Jazz Band Spotlight

Hey Renegades!

Recently I was given the honor of sitting in on a rehearsal for our very own jazz band! I got to see some of my fellow renegades who are blessed with so much potential and talent. Here is a video of an interview with our jazz band instructor and a few of his students.

Professor Kris Tiner has been an instructor with Bakersfield College since 2004 where he is the jazz band instructor, music appreciation professor, and a jazz appreciation professor. I met with him recently to find out what the jazz band has to offer and to find out who exactly can sign up for the courses.

There’s this stigma that you can’t join band, theater, or choir if you have no experience in the past, but here at Bakersfield College we disagree. We believe that it is never too late to participate in performing arts and that there are no requirements. Performing arts is for everyone! Whether you’ve performed on stage since you were two years old or have never stepped foot on a stage, we have the classes and the resources for you to live these experiences for yourself.

“It’s a real mix.” Professor Tiner said when asked about who joins the jazz band. The skill level varies from very experienced music majors to individuals who want to participate in a group setting on stage. He even has students who participate only in the class room! Meaning they attend rehearsal but don’t perform on stage until they believe they’re ready to do so.

There are no excuses to not participate in an activity you have an interest in! And this goes for anything! If you want to participate in a sport or even student government you can sign up! Bakersfield College a melting pot of talent and experiences. So get out there and get involved. Don’t limit yourself because you don’t think you’re qualified.

I also want to encourage you to take a step back and do something you truly enjoy. School is stressful and that alone can cause some of us to feel pretty down in the dumps. So I want you to take some time and do the hobby you’ve lost time for. Unload the stress and do something that makes you happy.

I after reading this blog and watching the Jazz Band Spotlight I hope you feel encouraged to join your fellow renegades on stage, on the field, or in the office.

Want your club or team of any variety to be featured in this blog? Send me a message! I would love to meet with you!

What hobbies do you enjoy doing? Let us know in a comment below!

And don’t you ever forget



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