Introducing Bakersfield College’s Financial Aid Lab

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Hello, Renegades!

I hope you all did well on your midterms and papers (if you had any). We’re less than halfway done with the semester now, so good luck and work hard so that you can keep or improve those grades!

Today I want to share some info with you all about the new Financial Aid Lab! Located in the second floor of the Students Services building (next to the Financial Aid counter), the Financial Aid is a new addition to campus this Fall, taking up the old Work Placement offices (which are now located in the Administration building).

The Financial Aid Lab (or “FA Lab”) is a great new tool for student success. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 76 percent of students at two-year colleges receive financial aid. In order to be eligible for any kind of financial aid, students must fill out a a Free Application for Federal Student Aid every year. The process can be an overwhelming one, especially for new students. The FA Lab seeks to solve this problem by providing students with hands-on assistance with filling out their FAFSAs.

“Many students have problems with their FAFSA, and their FAFSA is held up by something as simple as not having one piece of information match,” says Tucker Clerico, a student worker in the FA Lab, “here we can help you identify and solve those problems in the blink of an eye.”

One of the steps that students can especially have trouble with is the verification process. Some students are chosen at random, by the Department of Education, to provide documentation to verify that the information on their FAFSA is correct. “We can help you find out if you need to turn in extra documents, and which ones [they are],” said Clerico.

Students are definitely appreciating the benefits. “I had a great experience in the FA Lab. [The student worker] was very helpful,” said Priscilla Padilla, “I finished my FAFSA quickly and all of my questions were well answered. He was very patient throughout the entire process”

Clerico says it best: “In the Financial Aid Lab, we go full circle. Whether you’re in the beginning, middle, or very end we can make sure you walk out of the Lab completely finished with the process and fully prepared.”

Check out the Financial Aid Lab today!

Thanks to my fellow blogger Belen Martinez (@bmartbc) for the video.


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