Look to the stars!

Hey Renegades!

Recently I was able to have a private tour of our very own planetarium! We are one of the few colleges that are lucky enough to have such an incredible asset on campus. Our astronomy courses are even taught inside! How awesome is that? There are even shows specially made for planetariums that the college shows throughout the fall and spring semesters. Professor Nick Strobel has been with us at BC for twenty years and he get’s to operate the William M Thomas Planetarium which is something he enjoys greatly.

Being able to see the planetarium and how it works was an awesome experience. Professor Strobel even turned on the stars for me! Unfortunately for you, I didn’t get any footage of that. That just means you’ll have to go check it out for yourself!

The next show the planetarium will be showing is the Season of Light Holiday Evening Show. You’ll learn about the history of holiday customs for a variety of cultures as well as why we have seasons in the first place.

For tickets and more information on the planetarium visit their website.

I encourage you guys to check it out and see a show. I know I am!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the planetarium.

And as always!



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