Start of the Spring Semester

Welcome back Renegades!

The Spring Semester of 2016 has just begun and I hope you’re all ready to hit the books and get back to work. I’d like to take this time to remind you of all the free services Bakersfield College has to offer. For more information and tips from your fellow Renegades click here.

It is also the time for resolutions! I’m sure we’ve all made them for the New Year and the list of them is endless. What kind of resolutions have you made for yourself this semester? My resolution this semester is to meet more of you! My goal is to meet with more students of a wide variety to share their story. You can learn a lot from people and I can tell you ever since I was given this opportunity I have met so many people with incredible and encouraging stories on the Bakersfield College campus.

What kind of resolutions have you made this semester? Let us know! Would you like to share your story to help encourage others let me know so we can meet!

Start the year and the semester right Renegades and get the job done!


One thought on “Start of the Spring Semester”

  1. Great to be here! It’s gonna be an awesome year!! God’s blessings on every student and for all our dreams to come true!


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