Supplemental Instruction at BC

Hey Renegades!

We’re a month into the semester and I hope all is going well for you! Stay on task Renegades!

But if you’re finding it difficult to understand the curriculum you’re learning I have some information from some new friends I’ve made on campus.

Supplemental Instruction is available at the main campus! What is Supplemental Instruction you ask? Meet Dezi, the communications SI Leader, and she’ll give you a brief explanation…

It’s extra tutoring! SI Leaders are chosen by professors because they are seen as the “cream of the crop” in their classes. Sessions are available in so many different subjects like biology, japanese, and even computer coding. They are led by their fearless director Eileen Pierce who makes sure her SI Leaders are fully equipped to run a group tutoring session. So if you’re having some trouble and would like some extra help drop on by in the student services building.

Spring Break is on it’s way Renegades! So let’s keep up the good work until our well deserved break.

And don’t forget!



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