“No Excuses”

Hey Renegades! I hope the semester is treating you all well. Midterms are around the corner so be sure to keep yourself up to date on your classes. If you need additional assistance take advantage of the free tutoring services offered at BC or drop into the Supplemental Instruction Lab to get some help with your classes.

Today my post is going to be a little different.

I recently met one of the strongest couples on campus that I have ever met. Meeting them has really given me so much perspective on life and how despite whatever you’re going through there are no excuses when it comes to giving up.

Frank and Melinda Madrid have three children to care for. They are also very active within the community doing things like volunteer at the homeless shelter, donating food and clothing, as well as supporting local activist groups. Both are also full time students here at BC this semester. They’re 30 years old and came back to school to better themselves and the lives of their children. This proves that it is never too late to go to school.

On top of all these two already do, there is something bigger and some could even say scarier. Melinda has stage 5 kidney failure and an autoimmune disorder. If you don’t know stage 5 is the final stage of kidney failure. Her kidneys are literally operating at 4%. Frank and Melinda must follow medical dialysis procedures every night to ensure Melinda stay stable. That’s right, every night. Missing a night could turn fatal and Melinda’s health could begin to falter.

Frank and Melinda actually invited me into their home so they could show me the entire process of her dialysis and introduce me to their beautiful children. Seeing the way this power couple lives was truly inspiring. One thing that they both said regularly was “No excuses.” They believe that there is no excuse for giving up or not doing something as best as you could. They keep fighting to set an example for their children. They want their children to know that college is possible and survival is possible even if the odds don’t seem to be in your favor.

Frank and Melinda do so much everyday. With full plates they still manage to go to school and get their work done. There are no excuses. There are so many resources at BC that you can take advantage of. No more excuses Renegades!

“BC is a blessing to us. We’re happy to be here. It feels good. It really does. To be bettering our lives because we never thought that we’d be here. It’s like climbing a mountain and you’re huffin and puffin, you’re tired. BC cut that mountain down and just made a straight path.” – Frank Madrid

Keep fighting the good fight and don’t forget




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